We believe that everyone brings something different to the table. No two people share the same combination of background, culture, work skills or values – and having a consideration and respect for each other is a important part of business life.

A Sound, Happy Workforce is Equal With a Strong Vivid Company

We promote and support diversity in general terms of speaking a rule-set for setting the standards of what we expect from you; and that you fully show respect to your fellow co-workers, our customers and partners as a natural part of our way of doing business.

Having a work force with a diverse tool-set of different Individual skills; such as for example different languages, various different strong mental capabilities, individual strength in dissimilar work abilities is something which overall strengthens our company to better operate and serve our clients in the different sectors and areas we work within.

We therefore expect every employee to be honest, treat each other justly, respect each other’s ideas, opinion, perspective and show understanding for other people’s beliefs, no matter of their religion, skin color, gender, or nationality. We want all employees to be comfortable on work every day and feeling that they are respected for who they are and for the great work they perform.

We think that it goes without saying that having respect and consideration for each other is a part of the puzzle in what makes us stronger and lays out the foundation for the company to enter new markets and areas of business venture. However we do not support any form of diversity in its political form and will never allow it to become a part of our business.

You are here to do great work for our clients and empower them and that is our only focus and that should be your's too.