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Committed to your success

Your career at TM is an opportunity to join a company committed to your success and the success of the clients and communities we serve. We offer our employees the skills, mentoring and education required to meet their career goals and better serve our clients.

Flexibility to work like you want.

We strongly believe in empowering people through the existing modern technology and using that to strongly benefit our clients and out employees. At TM we offer our employees to either work remotely and if they want in our office. Need a day “off” the office? Sure go head, just work from home. This enables us to grow faster and have a both a regional and a global presence which ultimately guarantees that we can serve our clients better and have more dedicated, productive and happy employees.

Training to progress your career opportunity

As a part of our educational program and commitment to serve our clients and to empower your career, we offer learning programs and courses at TM University; your career path to growth in our firm. We put great emphasis in that our staff is well trained in our area of expertise which is the financial sector, sales, marketing and thus ensuring that all of our teams share the same values and perfectly understand our culture and requirements. We offer a rich path to grow within our company through TM University to offer you interesting and diverse career possibilities.

What TM does

TM is premiere a sales outsourcing partner that has primary focus on serving companies in the finance sector their sales and marketing needs. We have very specialized knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and how they work. We take care of in-house sales processes and compliance for clients so they can focus better on what they are excel at; managing existing customers and financial products. TM provides the professional sales teams and the training needed for our client’s and provides in-house sales, lead generation, and marketing, digital campaign to optimize the absolute best desired outcome.

Having the right people is important

Seeking out new opportunities and turning visions into reality and creating real value for everyone involved requires an exceptionally good team of people working together towards clearly defined goals and the most important part is that everyone understands what is required of them to accomplish the mission. As a company it is our mission to support and nurture our employees with the right set of tools so that we eventually end at the desired destination.

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